Going Primal

My journey of stepping away from conventional wisdom and embracing really different views and ways of eating.

Slow and steady wins the race.

The first time I noticed any weight loss was my undies were a bit baggy around the bum.  First I felt excited then negative me said it was just a trick, they’s been stretched or something.

Then I put on my new size 14 jeans that were tight when I bought them and they were loose, all over.  I have continued to loose weight but if I go by the numbers on the scales it is very slow yet my body has definitely changed.  I can now see waist definition and my stomach is becoming much flatter.  The wiggly bit I had there has nearly disappeared.  I continually try clothes on that I have been far to tight and now they look great.  My work clothes have been great for assessing my weight loss as since I only work on a friday then I can tell if they are getting looser.

Food wise I’ve been enjoying chicken drumsticks fried in unscented coconut oil.  I have discovered coconut flour and wil coat them in this with spices and salt and they are divine!  Mushrooms sauteed in butter with lemon and cream added before serving is a lovely side dish. The pork rashes in a dry rub of spices and baked so the crackling is super crunchy is wonderful.  I don’t have meat everyday.  I really enjoy a soup made with lots of veges and onions and garlic, sprinkled with parmesan or pecorino cheese.  I’m into making my own tzatziki and will eat it by the bowl full!  I use full fat everything.  The natural occurring fat in animals, dairy, avocados and fish is what keeps you full.  I love mashed avocado with lemon and salt and two poached eggs on top with smoked salmon on top for breakfast at the moment. And that will keep me going.  I keep some macadamias in my bag in case I feel I need a wee snack or I’ll have a slug of cream from the fridge lol.  And i know longer feel guilty for not cutting the fat of all my meat, I enjoy it all crispy and tasty!



Somebody wants to join me.

About two weeks into this my husband had noticed the difference in me, physically and emotionally.  He wanted on board too.  I was so excited.  But he didn’t want to be bored with the details.  He just wanted to know what he could and could not eat.

So I welcomed him on board and we did some measurements and weight was recorded.

He too went through the carb flu.  I felt sorry for him as he had drive through traffic each day to and from work and also attend important meetings as he is an Executive and I knew how hard it is to concentrate.  But he powered through, went to bed a bit earlier and finally came out the other side.

He is enjoying his eggs and bacon or meat for breakfast.  He always adds mushrooms or some other vegetable to them in the pan.  I like him to cook with unscented coconut oil as that is a fabulous oil and has some essential things we need but I’m buggered if I can remember what! 

For lunch he has the leftovers from dinner the night before and then eats his dinner that I’ve made.  He has found it very easy not to miss bread, he does miss crackers, but it is more the crunch so I give him almonds to snack on.  And he loves the cheese and deli meat platters that I make up for him.  I also make a lot of soup topped with some cheese and we have discovered carb free and zero calorie pasta called Slim Pasta which we really enjoy with my spag bol sauce.

He too is amazed that he is now no longer hungry.  That he feels so much energy and his mood to is elevated the majority of time.  He can still enjoy his beer (which he isn’t supposed to as it is likened to liquid bread) and shed weight slowly and steadily.  He started at 124 kg on 27/10/12 and is currently 114kg 25/01/13 and has lost around 14 cm from his waist!  

Since eating this way my husband has consistently lost weight each week.  He has just come off five weeks holidays and his suit pants are so loose they are almost looking silly and he has had to add notches on his belt as he ran out!  He has never been on holiday before and lost weight. And this man did not give up his alcohol, he powered through many beers, wine and vodka, yet the weight has fallen off.  And when we went to restaurants it is still easy to do.  I love having seafood or a great steak.  I just ask that they remove the chips or potatoes.

My ratio for the food I eat in a day is 70% fat, 25% protein, 5% carbs.  I use calorieking to record my food so I can keep an idea on calories and the correct ratio of numbers.  I don’t stress to much as I seems to fall into place after a while.

October 18th 2012, the day I woke up …

This is a blog about me being introduced to a book that so profoundly resonated with me it has changed my life and made me feel differently about conventional wisdom related to our diets.  Specifically not to ignore fats in my diet but to embrace them.  

On this day I was a 41 year old female who was about 15 kg’s over weight.  For the last seven years my weight has slowly been creeping up.  I would calorie count, do lite N easy and Tony Ferguson and yes my weight would go down but I would be unhappy, hungry and then it would creep back plus a little more each time.  I have always walked, done yoga and free weights and yet my body just isn’t responding like I felt it should.

On this day I went into a health shop and was recommended to read a book called Primal Mind Primal Body.  The young man was so passionate about me reading it and insisting it would have all the answers I was looking for.  Something about this young, fit, healthy (and good looking I might add) man was so sincere that went home and downloaded it to my kindle and commenced reading.

Well by the end of the afternoon I was convinced.  Everything resonated with me.  Deeply.  It was like all the keys locked into  place and a door opened into a place that completely made sense!

The core of it’s essence is our modern western diet is killing us and making us all obese.  Our diet causes wild fluctuations with our blood sugar which then goes on to stuff everything up in the miracle of our human body.  Simply put we need fat, our body loves fat, so does our brain.  Stay away from sugar, grains, wheat, unseasonal fruit, processed carbohydrates.  Eat clean, eat grass fed meat with the fat on!  I now enjoy a roast chicken, skin and all.  

I just thought I would start a blog about my journey and what happens to me and my body shape.  I found it kinda hard to get round the eat fat to loose fat, but it works, so here is my journey…

October 19th 2012

This is day two of my blog journey I appear to have lost my initial blog and will try and recreate it in post two!  So read that before this one OK?

I kept reading Primal Mind Primal Body and started adapting to my new way of life.

It was very difficult initially to get my head around it as it goes against all the diet advice we have had for ever.  Simply put I needed to remove sugar, wheat, grains, unseasonal fruit unless it was seasonal berries low in fructose, and anything processed.  I then had to add fat.  Butter, cream, lard, ghee, cheese, full fat yoghurt (greek) and coconut oil to my diet.  My meat needed to pasture fed, not a problem got a great butcher and I’ve sourced organic butter. I also replaced milf with almond milk and use stevia to sweeten food or cream for a snack as it is proein based and doesn’t spike your insulin.  That is the whole point of this way of eating, you will no longer have spiking insulin, no more dramatic swings of blood sugar, and your body will use your stores of fat for energy not your stores of protein!

So day one I have a lovely breakfast of scrambled eggs cooked in butter with some bacon.  Lunch was baked tomatoes stuffed with pesto and cheese.  Snack was macadamia and almond nuts, dinner was steak and a salad.  This was how my days were for the next seven days.

This is the sucky part though too.  Because I had cut off my supply of sugar and carbohydrates my body was slowly turning in a machine that burned fat not sugar.  During this process you go through what is called the ‘carb flu’.  It usually kicks in about day 3 and can last from 7 days to on and off for four to six weeks.  Mine kicked day three, initially I felt tired and irritable.  Then about day four I felt like my head was stuffed with cotton wool.  I would wake up in the morning feeling like I had gotten into the vodka and had one too many.  I love my vodka but during the week 2 vodkas are the limit as I don’t like the way the 3rd vodka makes me feel the following morning.

So I persevered knowing what I was doing was right.  I read all kinds of forums, Marks Daily Apple really helped.  I found that if I ate some pure fat it would help me feel better, so if I felt exceptionally tired I would have a drink of cream and some macadamia nuts.

I hadn’t told my husband what I was doing as I have to admit I didn’t want him to think I was batty and on a weird crusade.  Because I knew in my heart of hearts that this was the right thing to do for my body and health.  But I decided I would proceed for three months and see what the result would be.

Day seven dawned and I noted that I actually felt fine.  The cotton wool feeling had disappeared and my mind felt clear.  Throughout the next few days my energy levels continued to increase and the clarity I felt in my mind was continuing to amaze me.  Plus I was happy, almost euphoric.  I can honestly say I had not felt this alive in, well in ever!  It was like I was on some amazing stimulant, it lasted from when I woke up till I put my head down at night.  I was used to having nanna naps during the day because I felt so tired all the time.  Not anymore, I tried having a nap several times but my energy levels make it impossible.  I work on a friday night as a nurse and I don’t need to sleep before I go to work as I have enough energy to go 24 hours without sleep.

There were also some other interesting side effects of this new way of eating.  My face looked different.  At first I couldn’t put my finger on it.  Then I realised all the puffiness had gone!  I could almost see my cheekbones and my eyes had always been puffy on the upper eyelids, not anymore.   Wrinkly, yep!  But fresher looking as no puffiness.  Also I had stopped producing plaque on my teeth.  My skin has alway been good but now it glowed and my pores have gotten smaller.  My nails were growing strong and my body felt better, no aches or niggles.

The best part was I stopped feeling hungry!!  One day I was busy doing something and realised I had this funny feeling in my stomach and it hit me, it was telling me to eat!  I hadn’t eaten since 8 hours prior.  I now find that I don’t eat till about 11am and then again I’ll have dinner with the family.  I don’t think about food all the time, I’m not always opening the fridge or the pantry, so I have so much extra time on my hands.  It’s great!