October 18th 2012, the day I woke up …

by edcat44

This is a blog about me being introduced to a book that so profoundly resonated with me it has changed my life and made me feel differently about conventional wisdom related to our diets.  Specifically not to ignore fats in my diet but to embrace them.  

On this day I was a 41 year old female who was about 15 kg’s over weight.  For the last seven years my weight has slowly been creeping up.  I would calorie count, do lite N easy and Tony Ferguson and yes my weight would go down but I would be unhappy, hungry and then it would creep back plus a little more each time.  I have always walked, done yoga and free weights and yet my body just isn’t responding like I felt it should.

On this day I went into a health shop and was recommended to read a book called Primal Mind Primal Body.  The young man was so passionate about me reading it and insisting it would have all the answers I was looking for.  Something about this young, fit, healthy (and good looking I might add) man was so sincere that went home and downloaded it to my kindle and commenced reading.

Well by the end of the afternoon I was convinced.  Everything resonated with me.  Deeply.  It was like all the keys locked into  place and a door opened into a place that completely made sense!

The core of it’s essence is our modern western diet is killing us and making us all obese.  Our diet causes wild fluctuations with our blood sugar which then goes on to stuff everything up in the miracle of our human body.  Simply put we need fat, our body loves fat, so does our brain.  Stay away from sugar, grains, wheat, unseasonal fruit, processed carbohydrates.  Eat clean, eat grass fed meat with the fat on!  I now enjoy a roast chicken, skin and all.  

I just thought I would start a blog about my journey and what happens to me and my body shape.  I found it kinda hard to get round the eat fat to loose fat, but it works, so here is my journey…