Somebody wants to join me.

by edcat44

About two weeks into this my husband had noticed the difference in me, physically and emotionally.  He wanted on board too.  I was so excited.  But he didn’t want to be bored with the details.  He just wanted to know what he could and could not eat.

So I welcomed him on board and we did some measurements and weight was recorded.

He too went through the carb flu.  I felt sorry for him as he had drive through traffic each day to and from work and also attend important meetings as he is an Executive and I knew how hard it is to concentrate.  But he powered through, went to bed a bit earlier and finally came out the other side.

He is enjoying his eggs and bacon or meat for breakfast.  He always adds mushrooms or some other vegetable to them in the pan.  I like him to cook with unscented coconut oil as that is a fabulous oil and has some essential things we need but I’m buggered if I can remember what! 

For lunch he has the leftovers from dinner the night before and then eats his dinner that I’ve made.  He has found it very easy not to miss bread, he does miss crackers, but it is more the crunch so I give him almonds to snack on.  And he loves the cheese and deli meat platters that I make up for him.  I also make a lot of soup topped with some cheese and we have discovered carb free and zero calorie pasta called Slim Pasta which we really enjoy with my spag bol sauce.

He too is amazed that he is now no longer hungry.  That he feels so much energy and his mood to is elevated the majority of time.  He can still enjoy his beer (which he isn’t supposed to as it is likened to liquid bread) and shed weight slowly and steadily.  He started at 124 kg on 27/10/12 and is currently 114kg 25/01/13 and has lost around 14 cm from his waist!  

Since eating this way my husband has consistently lost weight each week.  He has just come off five weeks holidays and his suit pants are so loose they are almost looking silly and he has had to add notches on his belt as he ran out!  He has never been on holiday before and lost weight. And this man did not give up his alcohol, he powered through many beers, wine and vodka, yet the weight has fallen off.  And when we went to restaurants it is still easy to do.  I love having seafood or a great steak.  I just ask that they remove the chips or potatoes.

My ratio for the food I eat in a day is 70% fat, 25% protein, 5% carbs.  I use calorieking to record my food so I can keep an idea on calories and the correct ratio of numbers.  I don’t stress to much as I seems to fall into place after a while.